Welcome to Securo Finance

DeFi infrastructure made easy.

Securo Finance simplifies crypto investing with DeFi indices, with all-in-1 dashboard and API integration - “Stripe for DeFi”.

Securo is an all-in-1 DeFi infrastructure protocol for investors and funds to invest & manage their DeFi investment portfolios. The smart contract strategies deploy the funds to the respective smart contract pool on-chain, yield farm and auto-compound the rewards for investors, automatically.
Securo integrates APIs to connect to DeFi protocols; Fiat-to-crypto, KYC and custodians etc. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to web3 finance.
On Securo Finance, you can experience 2 main products:

DeFi Index Fund

DeFi API-as-a-Service

How it works

The product is currently on beta-mainnet and try it out at https://app.securo.finance/.
Securo Finance is Backed by Techstars Launchpool Web3, and Alphabit, Securo Team has a proven track record in building and running tech products and business, both TradFi & DeFi; ex-Google, Standard Chartered Bank and more.

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